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We are excited to welcome you to the Nordic Summit on Cannabis and are honoured by the presence of our knowledgeable speakers presenting their research during these two days. The Summit is mainly sponsored by the organisers, WFAD, Komphash, and Forbundet mot Rusgift.

Unfortunately, the world is still facing the hardships and restrictions of the COVID-19 Pandemic and it is unknown how the situation will be in September. Therefore, we will be organising a hybrid event allowing a limited group to attend on location while also being live-streamed online.

There will be no registration fee. On location, there will be a three-course dinner on the first day, and food and drinks are served during the Summit on both days. Also, we will provide a printed white guide to those attending the Summit in person and an online version for those attending online. Besides this, a certificate of attendance will be given to all participants.

Participants travelling to Copenhagen are asked to care for their own accommodation and transport costs. we will shortly publish a selection of affordable accommodations on the website for reference.


  • The Summit does not require a fee;
  • The Summit will include two full days with various experts in the field;
  • The Summit offers an environment to come together and network on the discussion against the legalisation of Cannabis;
  • A white guide will be provided to equip participants with arguments and evidence needed in the discussion against the legalisation of Cannabis;
  • The venue is limited to 50 attendees* in total. Due to space limitations and local COVID-19 restrictions, seats are mainly reserved for Nordic-based participants. However, European organisations can already sign up and get a spot on the waiting list! When space allows it, those on the waiting list will be invited to participate in person.

*The maximum of 50 attendees depends on the development of the local restrictions regarding COVID-19 and will be adjusted accordingly.

Save Your Seat and Register Now!

There are a few in-person seats left! Apply now since it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Deadline to apply for online attendance is September 22nd!


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